Sliced Beef Biltong

Sliced Beef Biltong

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Overview of Our Biltong

Sourcing the perfect cut of meat has not been an easy journey, but we have finally found it. The key to creating the best Biltong in Pretoria is by using Grass-fed free-range beef Silver sides. There are other options and cuts of meat out there, but nothing compares to the look, taste and quality of these silver sides.


Guide to our Biltong Fat Content

We try to select the pieces with little to no fat on them.

A Lot:
We use the pieces we have that has the most fat on them, this changes depending on the stock we have received, but that aim is to get around 40% fat to meat ratio.

I Don't Mind
We will include any of our prime choices of biltong in your order, usually with around a 20% fat content

Guide to our Biltong Dry Content

Wet biltong generally has a thin dried crust on the outside with bright red meat in the center. The biltong still has a lot of moisture inside.

Medium biltong generally has a thicker dried crust on the outside compared to wet biltong. It still has some moisture and a nice red colour on the inside.

Dry biltong has a thick dried crust on the outside, with little to no redness and moisture on the inside.